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Kockums is an Australian owned engineering services company with specialist knowledge and experience in the design and supply of bulk materials handling facilities.

Kockums Bulk Website Design

Website IconWebsite Design

Kockums needed a major update for their website that features a large catalog of products, complete with brochures & videos. The result is a fast, responsive design that looks good on all devices and provides a consistent user experience.

Based on WordPress, the new website was constructed with a custom theme setup specifically to meet all the unique and vast needs of the client.

View here: www.kockumsbulk.com.au

Kockums Bulk Business Card Design

Business Card IconBusiness Card Design

A complete re-design of the company's business cards rolling out for 40-50 employees. Key focus points were a professional look and feel, with the straight forward presentation of vital details paramount.

In consideration of the company structure three different designs for the back side of the business cards were developed. These included a design for the admin, sales & service sides of the business.

Kockums Bulk Brochure Designs

Flyer IconBrochure Designs

A series of 12 fold-out brochures used for sales pitches covering different categories of products. All pictures, information and specifications were condensed down to a streamlined format for easy understanding, and to provide a starting point for further discussions on potentially complex jobs.

Kockums Bulk Banner Designs

Banner IconDisplay Banner Designs

A series of 2 metre high banners were designed to be used at trade shows. Continuing with the company colour theme, each banner was developed for high impact and long distance viewing requirements. Primary focus was drawing attention to the key areas of industry Kockums operate in.

Kockums Bulk Advertisement Designs

Advertisement IconPrint Ad Designs

Kockums Bulk utilises ad space across various different publications, targeting the many industries they service. Several advertisements of different formats and sizes were developed as need arose, further communicating the new visual identity of the company.

Flowerdale Primary School

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Set in the small leafy town of Flowerdale in Victoria, the Primary School has been serving the community and surrounding areas for over 30 years.

Flowerdale PS Website Design

Website IconWebsite Design

The previous website was old and tired with a distinctive 90's look and feel. The school contacted us to re-invigorate their online presence, with a colourful pallet and inviting visuals.

The responsive design allows the layout to change according to the screen size of the device it's displayed on. This maintains the functionality and look of the site no matter the use case.

View here: www.flowerdaleps.vic.edu.au

Flowerdale PS Billboard Design

Banner IconBillboard Design

Due to the location of the school being hard to see from the main passing road, a Billboard was needed to help bring awareness to the school that many could just drive past.

Utilising the triangle elements from the website, once again the brief was for a bright and colourful design reflecting the open and exciting environment of the school.

Flowerdale PS Poster Design

Poster IconPoster Design

Promoting key school events through effective poster designs, that utilise strong colour and hierarchy of information. All posters are designed to grab attention, and communicate their purpose.

Flowerdale PS Jumper Design

Jumper IconJumper Design

Featuring an illustration of the local King Parrot, these jumpers were designed as the new year 6 special apparel choice.

Solid Technology

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Starting up a new business called Solid Technology Services, Andrew needed a brand that spoke to a safe and trusting experience for the customer, whilst providing a fresh look and feel to all the visuals on different mediums.

Servicing the Yarra Valley area in Victoria, Solid Technology focuses on quality & dependable help for fixing household technology.

Solid Technology Website Design

Website IconWebsite Design

The key to the website design was a calm and friendly feel, as most customers are dealing with a stressful issue with their technology device and are looking for help.

View here: www.solidtechnology.com.au

Solid Technology Logo Design

Logo IconLogo Design

The colour blue was chosen to represent trust and professionalism. Typography choice was a play on the name of 'Solid' with thin consistent lines used over the obvious thick and heavy choices.

The symbol design was constructed around line art, using consistent thickness of lines with rounded corners and ends. The three icons represent the type of technology the business covers, including TV, PC, Wi-Fi, audio, laptops and phones.

Solid Technology Business Card Design

Business Card IconBusiness Card Design

Simple and to the point, the vital information takes priority as the logo, name, number and email are all big and easy to read. The back displays all the services provided in a grid layout featuring easy to understand icons.

The mid range blue creates a trusting connection with the client while the orange is a good complimentary contrast generating depth to the colours.

Solid Technology Flyer Design

Flyer IconFlyer Design

Single sided flyer to be mail box dropped or handed out to the community promoting the services of Solid Technology. The key aspects to show were the 30% discount offer, what the business is about and key contact information.

The overall result is a well balanced layout that uses colour, texture and shape to create depth and stand out among competitors flyers.